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About us : 

About Knowscan : 

Hello guys, Welcome to Knowscan – Let the knowledge scan your brain. A platform which gives you value and expands your knowledge base.

This blog is dedicated to the various categories i.e Blogging guide, personal finance, health and fitness, self-development, Gift ideas and for some other interesting topics.

How does Knowscan born?

The idea of this blog came in my mind when I was surfing youtube and came across some videos in which it was beautifully explained that how blogging can become a platform where you can learn and share the knowledge with the world in order to Make a difference. 

Have you ever came across below questions?

♦ There is a lot of material on the internet to get information but how should I get it in a structured way, starting from the basics?

♦ I want to know something about this thing (any topic) but I am confused where to start?

♦ Is there any platform which can guide me on my overall growth physically, financially and mentally?

Everyone has to struggle a lot in search of qualitative content on the internet which gives a perfect direction to make some decision or thought process. Knowscan is the platform which is the answer of your all above queries.

How often we post?

Generally, we post at least 3 times a week. You can find a new post every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. You can subscribe us by providing your email id here (Don’t worry, we hate spam too)

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About the man behind Knowscan 

My name is Rajeev Singhal. I am a software engineer by profession. After completion of my graduation in Rajasthan, I moved to Chennai for my very first job. I started my corporate life with an Indian IT company TCS which I dreamt when I entered college. This was a life changing moment and I was quite lucky to get this white-collar job in such a big MNC.

Initially, I enjoyed working in corporate and was living a comfortable life but soon this job started giving me feeling of less satisfaction. I was a dedicated and hardworking resource but parallelly I was not able to figure out the sense of meaningful life. I tried other options but that was not my call. This is a very common story of every Indian IT guy. I am among them.

I started this blog to help everyone to get an interesting knowledgeable article which not only gives direction but also transform them.

What drives me?

Well, There are a few things which keep me moving forward after my 9-hour job. I am a fitness freak. I love cardio rather than weight lifting as my fitness goal is to have the body in shape and flexible. Another thing I do is to follow news editorials and motivational speakers. I love listening to Vivek Bindra, Sandeep Maheshwari and many more.

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