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What is the Domain name?

Our identity is distinguished by our name. The same concept applies to the web as well. The most important thing before starting a website is its domain name. Domain name is your brand name by which people identify the business. 

How does web understand Domain? 

Web understand only IP (internet protocol) address. Every computer on the internet is assigned to a particular IP address. IP is nothing but a unique set of number ( ex: 123.345.567.234). This IP helps to locate and route the information to the particular computer. Since it is not easy to remember all these numbers so Domain was created to make it human-friendly. You can easily remember the website name (i.e google, facebook etc).

When you enter the domain name (, web browser finds the correct IP address from the DNS server and in turn, passes back the website associated with the IP address.

You can find your IP by typing “My IP” on the google search.

Who manages the domain name?

All domain names are managed by IANA. This is the central coordinating agency for distributing the domain names. It has given the API to many intermediates (i.e Godaddy, Bigrock, Bluehost etc.) where you can buy the domain names. The same database is used by all these mediators. You can not buy the same domain if somebody has already registered it on his name irrespective of any intermediate.

Different types of the domain

There are some types which classified the domain names.

Top level domain: This is known as a primary domain as well. It can be classified further below:

 ♦ Generic : .com, .net, .org ( ex:

 ♦ Country-specific: .us, .ca, .in (ex:

Level of domain names:

 ♦ Second level: This is directly below the top level domain in Domain name hierarchy. (ex:

 ♦ Third level: This is one more level below the second level domain. (ex:

For example, is considered as a second level domain whereas is considered as a third level domain.

Parked domain: Parked domain is a normal domain which diverts the traffic to your primary domain without visitor’s knowledge. You can have multiple parked domains which point to a single website. This is very easy to set up on the server.

Addon domain: Every domain here is an individual website with the same hosting server. This allows all files, all content to be stored on the same hosting server without different hosting cost. This is very important and cost-effective to manage multiple websites. 

Sub-domain: Subdomain function as an extension to a registered domain name(such as www), allowing you to send visitors to a different web address or to point specific IP address or directory in hosting server. You need not buy the new domain name here. (ex: etc) 

Here ‘en’ and ‘de’ are sub-domains which pointing to the different language-specific content website of quora.

A sub-domain can be used to create a language-specific version of a website or to accommodate information that may not be critical to the primary website such as an event page blog or store.

Till now, you have understood the concept behind domain names. Now you must be having a question. How should we know, that who owns a particular domain name. so let’s understand this.

Domain details privacy

While purchasing the domain from any intermediary( GodaddyBigrock etc), we need to provide our basic details( Name, address, email etc). These details are kept to track us if we misuse the domain or do any illegal activities with this. 

You can check registrar details on website for any domain. These details are public until you choose to keep it private. you have to pay some extra bucks to keep it private. Never think about misusing a domain because these details are still saved internally.

Domain registration process

This process is very simple. You can buy a domain from any of the below websites:





Buying domain is exactly the same as shopping on Flipkart or Amazon. Firstly Check for the domain name in the search box if it is available. It will show you this with its all possible top-level domains(.com, .org, .net etc). Sometime we won’t be able to get the exact domain we need. We need to find the alternate name. For example, if you search for, you can not buy this because it is registered on my name.

You can buy a single .com domain or can have multiple domains (with .net, .in, .org etc) as well. It’s up to you. (such as,, etc)

After getting your perfect domain, add it to cart and check out. You need to create an account on the website before buying it, fill all the details and make payment. After successful payment, just relax. Congratulations, It’s your domain now. you can use it for any site you host on any server. 

Some suggestions before buying the domain:

Always compare prices on multiple sites before buying. The price differs for the same domain because of promotion or marketing cost of different websites. Domain comes in year wise subscription. Sometimes these websites give the domain in very less price for the first or initial two years but later they will charge high. Just check all these details and make sure you get a great deal. 

If during registration or payment process, someone else bought this domain and completed his payment, then you will lose your domain. your payment will fail or you will get your refund. So if you decided to buy any particular domain name, then don’t delay it.

Make money with the domain name

Sometimes small business becomes a big that they need to have multiple domains for the same brand name. People take advantage here. They register the brand name with other domain such as .net, .in for a year and contact the business owner to sell this domain to him. The owner buys it due to business criticality and they get a good profit. Sometimes even 100 times. Isn’t it a wonderful idea?

 You can see multiple premium domains on these above intermediate websites. There is also the same concept. People buy the domain on popular keyword name and list it as a premium domain there itself. These popular keyword domains are always in demand due to search traffic and a high number of visitors scope.

I believe you are clear with all queries regarding a domain name. If you still have any query, please let me know in comment section.

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